PM. Formmail

Worked for me. what is the URL of your form?
Can you get your form to send you anything? If so, then you should just need to add

  1. <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript">
  2. var AgreeString = "I agree to do as you tell me<br /> I further agree to eat salad";
  3. document.write(AgreeString);
  4. document.write("<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=\"Agreement\" VALUE=\""+AgreeString+"\">");
  5. </SCRIPT>
  6. <p>Please type your name in this field to indicate you agreement of the terms
  7. <INPUT TYPE=text NAME="IAgree" SIZE="50">:
  8. </p>

to your form. I have meddled with my FormMail, but the basic functionality is the same. Maybe you’ve included some reserved characters such as # in your message.

2 thoughts on “PM. Formmail

  1. I tried your script and for some reason, I can’t get it to work for me. Can you view my script below and tell me what is wrong. Please send it to my email. Thanks in advance Julian95.

    1. <Form Method=post Action="">
    2. <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="recipient" VALUE="">
    3. <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="realname" VALUE="Web Form">
    4. <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=subject VALUE="Signed Agreement">
    5. <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript"> var AgreeString = "VIP Store Agreement
    6. <br>
    7. <br>
    8. For a period of 60 days from the date stated above, we agree to allow
    9. eWebmall to take any information text or pictures (jpg or gif) from our website
    10. for the purpose of promoting them on the eWebmall website."; document.write(AgreeString); document.write("<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=\"Agreement\" VALUE=\""+AgreeString+"\">"); </SCRIPT>
    11. <p>Please type your name and title in the field below to indicate you agree with our terms.<br>Example: John Smith, Manager</p>
    12. <INPUT TYPE=text NAME="IAgree" SIZE="76">
    13. <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="Submit" VALUE="I Agree">
    14. </form>
  2. The only problem I can see with this is that the <br> are on separate lines. If you want to break the definition over a line end, then you need to end the first line with a backslash. For example:
    [Code]var AgreeString = “I agree \
    to \

    will work, whereas
    [Code]var AgreeString = "I agree
    will not

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