WH3 Beta testing

Unfortunately I was unable to do much testing during the actual Beta period, but here are my results / comments

The speed is MUCH better than WH2.0, but still frustrating when you have to repeat operations unneccessarily.

Site Manager Performance (50.6kbps dial up)

Time to Display		WH2.0		WH3.0		Improvement
Login			12 sec		 7 sec		5 sec
Home Page		64 sec		20 sec		44 sec
Install Applications	108 sec		58 sec		50 sec
Email Users		31 sec		30 sec		1 sec
EMail Aliases		36 sec		22 sec		14 sec
Restart Account		34+23+33 sec	8+10 sec 	72 sec
Domain Management	16 sec		13 sec		3 sec
Web Aliases		23 sec		18 sec		5 sec
  • DNS Records – unable to add TXT record. unable to add domain specific record (example domain1.com IN NS ns1.twisted4life.com) as opposed to VPS generic (IN NS ns1.twisted4life.com.)
  • Processor loading was very low and so we were unlikely to run into typical issues:
    cat /proc/loadavg
    0.10 0.06 0.01 1/562 3102
    Compared to WH2.0 server:
    4.41 7.17 9.75 1/1299 21365
  • No Feedback SSH Frreze Issue – I managed to increase the loading on the server by running a
    stress test. I was able to get the server to freeze quite easily. To summarize, the performance is much better than WH2.0 as it takes a higher load to cause problems, but is obviously not fully resolved. I am concerned that I was able to consume so much resource as a single user. Was this because I was running on a test server, or is it an inherent flaw in the system? Surely there is some way to limit a single users CPU time slice? I am not willing to run this stress test on a live server to check! I managed to get the availability down to 40% (60% downtime). One point to note is that I was able to disupt the whole server as the number of active processes dropped to 718 at one stage (from ~9300 before punishing the server)
    cat /proc/loadavg
    21.02 29.27 26.22 21/791 718
  • Possible Future Feature User Manager – Remove principal domain name from banner
  • Probable Future Feature Site Manager – The site manager ‘home page’ indicates that I have a dedicated IP
    despiite the fact that the beta accounts have dynamically assigned IP addresses.
  • Probable Future Feature Site Manager – Logging in to both Site Manager and Users Manager is not possible.
    Results in redirection to https://wsl06001.west-datacenter.net/php/login/login_error_screen.php and told to sign on again. No link is provided to the login page -
    this should be possible from the cookie.
  • Probable Future Feature Domain Management – Tried adding a domain. Error message “Operation failed on server due to error: The domain newdomain.com is occupied.” not very clear. Should read something like “This domain is already hosted elsewhere on Westhost. Please delete that definition first”
  • Probable Future Feature Domain Management – Does not create custom directory if it does not already exist.
  • Probable Future Feature Sub-Domain Management – Does not create custom directory if it does not already exist.
  • Accepted File Manager – Returned multiple (incorrect) results when searching for file httpd.conf
  • Accepted Autoresponder – The autoresponder and Auto forwarder did not appear to work as neither service was enabled
    • Created a new email user with the default settings
    • Enabled email, ftp and autoresponder Quota-0 MB
    • Signed in to user manager at http://www.wh3test091.whsites.net/users
    • Selected Autoresponder and Auto Forwarder. Neither service is enabled.
    • Oops! They were working. It was just a very large, conspicuous red X and a very small, grey edit button. Suggested that button was enlarged and that text is changed to “Change settings”

  • No Feedback Application Installation – When you install applications such as PHPMyAdmin from the Site Manager, there are usually links on the final page for Administration. However, these windows are a fixed size and not alterable. When I click on the links in Firefox, the application opens in a new tab of the same window, which makes them illegible. Also, since the address bar is hidden, most users will be unable to find out what URL they should use. This problem occurs on all pop ups from package installation. Suggest URL is shown beside hyperlink
  • REJECTED Application Installation – Some installations request an email address. If this email address is pertinent to the domain and does not exist, then the user should be offerred the chance to create a new user or alias.
  • Custom 404 Returns correct status code of 404 rather than 200