Problems moving a domain on Windows 7

I just installed a new WordPress based domain for a customer. Everything went tickety-boo with the installation, until I made the final changes. When I moved the domain from its temporary server at to the live domain at, the site stopped working (for me).

Before moving the domain, I had set up the new host and checked that its nameservers were resolving correctly using the command nslookup I had also changed the configuration in WordPress (under Settings / General / WordPress Address and Site Address) before moving the setup to point to the new domain, so that was not the problem.

My prime suspect was DNS, so I checked that the URL was resolving properly using the shorter nslookup It was, so my problem was not the TTL or caching by my ISP’s DNS Servers. I tried starting and stoppng the “DNS Client” service in Windows, which normally sorts out DNS issues. I also tried shutting down and rebooting my laptop. Still no joy.

Using BrowserShots, I was able to verify that the site was loading properly for other people. The problem was obviously on my laptop, but what?

It turns out that despite the fact that I had rebooted, stopped and restarted the DNS client and forced a lookup for the domain on the correct nameserver, Windows was resolutely refusing to clear its cache. Cursed OS.

The solution was to force Windows to clear its DNS cache, after which everything worked flawlessly. To do this, type ipconfig /dnsflush at the command prompt.