Slipstreaming Service Packs into XP

I needed to create a BartPE Boot disc, but got the error “Source files wrong version. File version of d:\i386\intdll.dll is 5.1.2600.0 should be 5.1.2600.1045 or higher. You must use Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Server 2003 version of windows”

In order to update the files on a Windows installation CD, you need to go through a process called ‘Slipstreaming’. This is the process of including the Service Pack files into the original disk. I tried following the instructions at WinSuperSite, but ran into a problem as my XP disk is an OEM version from Dell, which already includes their updates. When trying to update the original, I received the error “This ServicePack cannot be integrated into a destination that also has integrated SoftwareUpdates.”. I therefore needed to use the nlite utility instead which miraculously removes the hotfixes and painlessly slipstreams the Service Pack into the original. Oh Happy Days :)

nlite will also do all the hard work to create a bootable image for you.