Finding Siemens Manuals

Siemens website sucks. The search is arcane and rarely turns up the answer you are looking for.

However, if you already know the part number and are looking for a manual, I have found a method which works every time.

  • Go to Siemen’s support site
  • Enter the FULL part number you are looking for in the search box (top right) (eg 6ES7134-4LB02-0AB0)
    This should give you a list of items to search for, in the same way as Google does
  • Select the product you want to look at.
    You should now have a nice picture of the component you are interested in, with a list of Updates, FAQ and Manuals. Do NOT select this Manual
  • Copy the part number which appears above the picture.
  • Click on “Service & Support” in the right column
  • Click on “Manuals / Operating Instructions”
    This will bring up a large selection of manuals.
  • Paste the part number as it appeared above the picture into “Search Items”
  • BINGO! You now have the manual you wanted