Home Media 2012 – The year of Smart TV?

So what’s it to be? So many choices :) Should I get a new Smart TV, with integrated BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 (such as the Sony KDL-22EX320), or a media server with integrated Hauppauge WinTV card and a web browser? Maybe a Ubuntu PC with MythTV.

Here are my wants:

The requirement for 4oD means no Smart TV – they only seem to offer BBC iPlayer / Demand 5 / Skype, so I’ll have to have a computer with a tuner rather than a TV.
The requirement for iTunes limits me to a Windows / Mac solution (damn that DRM). I’d love to go Linux, but Apple won’t hear of that :(
According to Wikipedia, the only software PVRs which can cope with Digital TV are MythTV and Windows Media Centre.
Macs are so expensive; iMacs start at £999, while the Mac Mini server is £849. A proper server starts at £2041. That’s a lot of TVs. They may look good, but I want to hide my hardware away.

The more I look at it, the more I think I’ll go for some form of PC with SSD drives and TV Tuner card and maybe some form of NAS RAID to serve my music, photos and movies. Lifehacker raves about XBMC, but that’s a media player rather than a recorder.

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