EMail to SMS services for your Mobile Phone

I have been searching for a service to forward my email to my mobile phone. This was free in the USA, but all the free providers in the UK seem to have dried up or been taken over.

World Text was the only service whose demo worked. You get 30 free credits which is sufficient for 2-3 messages. Messages costs start at 7p per message. Credits no longer expire.

The other offerings I tried were:

  • Text Magic does not offer a demo. Allows longer messages (472 characters). Costs upto 10p per message (150 messages for GBP 14.99)
  • AQL never sent a message. Cost up to 14p per text (50 messages for GBP 7.05)
  • SMS2EMail never sent a message. Costs unknown!

Web Based Services:

  • Lycos offers a web based service for GBP 3.00 a month
  • Bolt Blue offers a web interface for 90 free messages, but CHARGE GBP 4.50 A WEEK for the privilege

Defunct services:

  • - Ceased serving end users in October 2006
  • – now part of BT Yahoo
  • – now part of Vodafone