ibaPDA Data Analysis

iba is a German company which specialises in data collection and analysis of realtime process data. Using a combination of reflective memory, WAGO modules and PADUs, you can build a data collection network.

Problems we encountered:

ibaPDA only saving every other file.
We had configured the Data Storage Trigger Mode to trigger every 60 minutes, with a maximum file time of 1 hour. However, we were only getting data files saved every two hours. This was because the start trigger was set to be ignored while a file was already recording. Changing this setting to Start new file resolved the problem.
Digital Input Configuration
The iba PADUs are configured as a load, rather than a high impedence input. That is to say that rather than connecting your PADU across the volt free contacts, it must be connected in parallel with the load. If placed across the contact, it will appear as though the iba is recording the data correctly, but current will flow through the load at all times (either via the contact or the PADU), resulting in a false signal being seen by the control equipment.