24 July 2007

I want to say you are a real asset to this forum. thank you very much

Lisa Clark
Planet Hi-Fi

2 April 2007

We appreciate the help that you provide to other Clients through our forums area and we hope that you will continue to help others with your expertise. Thank you again for all you do.

Clint Reeves
Client Service Manager
WestHost Inc.

22 December 2006

Thanks for sharing your considerable expertise with us.
Tim Pushman

14 November 2006

You are a genius! Well, maybe that’s a little thick. At least you’re brilliant…
I keep checking the forums because of the excellent information, much of which comes from your posts
Howard Lang

18 October 2006

Thanks for your latest input on forum and for the time you have taken to add the help page to your site for Westhost issues. I am not always good at articulating things and you do it very well.
Shawn Sorrell

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